Here you can download pdf versions of some of the information on this site.  If you left-click the download icon to the left of the text the document will open in your browser window.  If you right-click and choose “save file as”, you can download it your computer to browse at your leisure.

Stand Map

  This is a map showing the layout of the Dome with all of the stands in place.  Currently it shows last years layout.  As soon as we have the layout fixed for 2015 we’ll post it here along with a key to show you which artists will be where.  

Talks & Demos


This is a full listing of all of the free Talks & Demos that will be going on over the weekend of the Great Dome Art fair.  More detail can be found here.       

Silent Auction

  These are full details of the 2016 Silent Auction that will take place over the weekend of the Great Dome Art Fair for the benefit of Lane End Farm Trust.  More detail can be found here.