The free Talks & Demonstrations given at the Great Dome Art Fair have become famous for their quality.  Demand is always high.  They take place in one of the lecture theatres just to the left of the main door (as you stand in the Dome facing out).  There is no booking system, it’s strictly first-come first-served.  A pdf version of the leaflet with full details will be available for download here as soon as it has been finalised.  In the meantime, see below for which artists you can see in 2016.  Check back for dates, times and more details.

Saturday 16th – 10.30am

Michela Griffith

Talk – Escaping the Box

Created in camera, Michela’s interpretations are often mistaken for paintings.  She will talk about how the Liquid Light of the River Dove has transformed her image making and now inspires her to experiment with movement in and through the landscape in parallel with her evolving dialogue with water.

Saturday 16th – 11.10am 

Janet Mayled

Demonstration – Mixed Media Exploration

Ever wondered how to work with mixed media?   Gifted painter Janet will introduce you to creative mixed media techniques.  She will show you how she controls and combines dye, acrylic, collage to create an expressive allotment painting.

Saturday 16th – 12.10am 

Elizabeth Forrest

Talk – Lettering Writ Large

Find out how Elizabeth spent two months in 2015 painting lettering and leaves on a five foot high resin owl, for charity! Take a look and discuss her fascinating work on two major Public Commissions: ‘The Twelve Stations of the Cross’, at Derby Cathedral and ‘The Big Hoot’, in Birmingham

 Saturday 16th – 1.15pm

Karin Sheldon

Demonstration – Altered Surfaces

Karin’s work isn’t just jewellery, her pieces can also tell the story of place in precious metals. Come and see how she uses different techniques to create this singular work.

Saturday 16th – 2.10pm 

Roger Waterhouse

Talk – Wood – The Magic & the Mystery

In this illustrated talk Roger will share his love of English hardwoods, explore their beauty, and discuss the hidden surprises within that inspire him to create his exceptional wood products.

Saturday 16th – 2.50pm 

Rob Wilson

Demonstration – Painting to Music

Rob will demonstrate how he uses music to increase creativity and affect the atmosphere and tone of a painting.

Sunday 17th – 10.30am

Alex Jabore

Demonstration – Chiaoscuro in Oil Painting

A short talk on creating drama and balance in your oil painting using tone. With videos and a demo Alex will walk you through the start of a painting, from setting out a palette to adding the first layers to your canvas.

Sunday 17th – 2.30pm

Sue Prince

Talk – Folk Art, The Human Story

Folk art reflects our lives, and interprets our interaction with our environments. We are human beings with common experiences; in this talk we will see just how we understand the common language of folk art.

Sunday 17th – 1.30pm

Yuka Jourdain

Demonstration – Jewellery With a Twist

How does Yuka bring together such seemingly diverse materials as felt and wire to create her beautiful intricate work? Come along and see her in action as she demonstrates and explains how to make her distinctive jewellery step by step.

Sunday 17th – 12.20pm

Ray Sylvester

Talk – Bonkers about Boxes

Ray Sylvester (AKA ‘The Bloomin’ Clever Box Man’ ) will talk about making boxes on a band saw – not so much a hobby as an obsession which, in the Autumn of his Life,  keeps him sane, away from day time TV and out of his wife’s hair.

Sunday 17th – 11.25am

Sarah Sharpe

Demonstration – ‘Use your Imagination’ mini art class for adults’

(Limited to max 20 participants)

Picasso said ‘Everything you imagine is real’…..come and take part in a mini drawing class where you can begin to trust your imagination and other senses to see where your imagination might lead you! I will also be talking a little about my art process and why I favour the imaginative path.